Mo' questions - stop JUCE keypresses from reaching Tracktion

I’ve been screwing with the JUCE VST source again. I want to know how to stop the JUCE Vst from sending keyboard input to the host. I’ve tried snagging Keypress in various components… used the debugger and can verify that it’s swallowing the keypresses… but for some reason the host still sees the keypress. The only way I could stop the host from seeing the keypress was with a hook… and I know that’s taking a stroll down a long dark street.

anyone with any insight on stuff like this? help! :slight_smile:

Have you tried changing the VST effKeysRequired to tell the host that the plugin uses key presses? If I remember correctly, tracktion should ignore keys sent to plugins that have that flag set.

wow… that was as simple as can be, and worked perfectly! w00t! thanks Jules! :smiley: