Mobile Product Manager - USA - Remote

Hey guys,

I’m recruiting for a music software company that develops plugins & virtual instruments for desktop use and is now moving into the mobile space with some new products.

Some of their existing mobile products are companion apps, think tuners, metronomes, etc but they are looking to develop products that will have much more functionality, such as recording, sharing projects, audio and video editing, and publishing to socials to start with.

They are looking for a Mobile Product Manager with experience delivering modern, mobile-first applications. Good understanding of the latest version of iOS so they can make recommendations on what new features may benefit their existing mobile apps and what to build into future products.

This role doesn’t require a musician or someone from a music industry background, but I know it will be interesting to this community.

If you are a Product Manager or know someone looking, contact me at for more info. It is a remote role but does need someone to be US based.

All the best.

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