Module manifest juce_module_info version matching


as posted here: I created a module containing a dynamic layout to arrange components hierarchically with minimum lines of code and editing only in one place.

Because it uses some core juce modules, I add some dependencies. What can I put into the version property? The only documented string is matching, but I have very minimal requirements, so can I put any or a minimal version into it? Or should I simply omitt the property?

Thanks for your help


I'm working on a new way of specifying modules, and the version matching is something I think I'll drop - it was never implemented and I actually never found a good use-case for it. Everyone I know just uses GIT to manage version compatibility between codebases, and that's a much smarter approach than trying to impose some kind of versioning enforcement.

In terms of adding a version to your own modules, feel free to pick whatever number/format you want, as it's really just there for as a reference to your users.

Good to know, thanks. I was worried that I must check from time to time, if only matching was supported. But i agree it would not make sense...