Mojave + xCode 10.1 newb problems

Hey Friends,
Making my first steps with JUCE (literally) and nothing seems to work ;/ I’m following the basic tutorial Create a basic Audio/MIDI plugin, Part 1: Setting up and I have a linker problem with VST3, (AU and standalone do build) , tried using legacy VST - just for sport and it seems that JUCE is looking for header files that named differently than the one i have in my vst2.x folder… tried building the AudioPluginHost and I have the same linker problem (linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation))

after checking several threads here I suspect that the combination of latest OS with latest xCode version might be just a bad combo ? not compatible ? am I missing anything ? couldn’t google or find here anything related specifically to these problems and yet I have not written a single line of code yet :confused:

thanks in advance - first steps here :slight_smile:

open projucer, make a GUI app, open it in xcode, and see if you can even compile and run something as simple as that.

The VST2 code was removed from JUCE, and VST2 has been killed off by Steinberg. If you already had a VST2 license agreement before this year you can continue to make VST2, but that needed to be taken care of by October of last year.

Thanks for the quick replay - I am able to build the GUI app, and AU plugin and standalone audio app but not the VST3. any suggestions ?

Thanks for the info, makes a lot of sense, any tips how to get the vst3 to build ?

The Projucer has also a setting called JUCE_VST3_CAN_REPLACE_VST2 (to be found in the module juce_audio_plugin_client), and for some reason, Projucer doesn’t let it be turned off (same for the analytics btw.)
But you can force it off by adding in the AppConfig.h:


// (You can add your own code in this section, and the Projucer will not overwrite it)


That helped in my case anyway…

Ok, after many tests and errors it seems that i caused the problem by downloading the VST3 sdk and changing the root directory in the projucer to the one I’ve download… after clearing the path to default / no directory I was able to build with no problems - and it seems like it works perfect now ! back on the horse …
thanks !

Hi Dan,
I can’t find the AppConfig.h in the module juce_audio_plugin_client?

AppConfig.h is generated by ProJucer whenever you save your project and open in IDE: