More Audio Format Metadata?

Are there plans for handling more metadata reading (and writing) into the current AudioFormat subclasses soon? It seems a bit lacking all around.

For example: WAV RIFF List Info tags (which is standard), FLAC metadata (none at all?!), CD-Text (part of Red Book for WAV).

ID3 is also common amongst multiple formats; not just in MP3s (which JUCE skips over), but in OGG (where JUCE supports few of them) and even WAV (unofficially, I think).

I know that Jules mentioned wishing support for FFMPEG; would be cool to have a juce->ffmpeg wrapper appear tomorrow and did _everything_ in a gold plated fashion, but that's extremely doubtful.

We generally add specific metadata readers when people ask for them, or when we need them ourselves; otherwise they're not on our to-do-list, as there's just too many of them to know which ones would be useful!

Since that's the case, here's an extension to your implementation of WAV RIFF LIST INFO reading and writing.

I've also added a unit test in there (sounds odd for an audio codec, but it actually came in quite handy.).



Awesome stuff, thanks Joel, will have a look asap!