More Audio Format Metadata?


Are there plans for handling more metadata reading (and writing) into the current AudioFormat subclasses soon? It seems a bit lacking all around.

For example: WAV RIFF List Info tags (which is standard), FLAC metadata (none at all?!), CD-Text (part of Red Book for WAV).

ID3 is also common amongst multiple formats; not just in MP3s (which JUCE skips over), but in OGG (where JUCE supports few of them) and even WAV (unofficially, I think).

I know that Jules mentioned wishing support for FFMPEG; would be cool to have a juce->ffmpeg wrapper appear tomorrow and did _everything_ in a gold plated fashion, but that's extremely doubtful.

How to read extensible (non-catalogue) metadata properties from a Wav file?

We generally add specific metadata readers when people ask for them, or when we need them ourselves; otherwise they're not on our to-do-list, as there's just too many of them to know which ones would be useful!

How to read extensible (non-catalogue) metadata properties from a Wav file?

Since that's the case, here's an extension to your implementation of WAV RIFF LIST INFO reading and writing.

I've also added a unit test in there (sounds odd for an audio codec, but it actually came in quite handy.).




Awesome stuff, thanks Joel, will have a look asap!