Custom metadata for audio files

So I am trying to find a way of storing custom meta data with both Wav and Aiff audio. I don’t care whether other programs understand the data that I include, however it will be a problem if other programs start modifying/deleting the meta data stored.

As far as I can tell the JUCE AudioFormatReader/Writers for both Wav and Aiff don’t allow you to create your own properties/chunks, but the standard does allow it in both cases I believe.

Has anyone attempted anything like this before?

JUCE’s reader/writers intend to use explicitly set keys for metadata. As it stands currently, readers and writers will just ignore the entry in the StringPairArray.

Also, not all formats support just haphazardly setting any metadata, iirc.

See my recent post:


WAV and AIFF support RIFF chunks… so it would be great if there were a way to support chunks that JUCE doesn’t – like our own custom chunks or Pro Tools’ region chunks for instance. As I suggested in my other thread, this should be refactored in JUCE (IMO).

The chunks can be read into MemoryBlocks.

Currently I’m writing some free functions to handle adding/updating/removing chunks.



Thanks Rail, I think I’ll be doing something similar here then. It would be very useful to have this available in JUCE though!