.caf file metadata

Can you add the following to core audio format to get things like number of beats, key, etc

   static StringPairArray parseUserDefinedChunk (InputStream& input, int64 size)
        const int64 position = input.getPosition();
        uint8 uuid[16];
        input.read (uuid, sizeof (uuid));
        StringPairArray infoStrings;
        if (! memcmp (uuid, "\x29\x81\x92\x73\xB5\xBF\x4A\xEF\xB7\x8D\x62\xD1\xEF\x90\xBB\x2C", 16))
            const uint32 numEntries = (uint32) input.readIntBigEndian();
            for (uint32 i = 0; i < numEntries && input.getPosition() < position + size; ++i)
                infoStrings.set (input.readString(), input.readString());
        input.setPosition (position + size);
        return infoStrings;


               else if (chunkHeader.chunkType == chunkName ("uuid"))
                    metadataValues.addArray (parseUserDefinedChunk (input, chunkHeader.chunkSize));

No problem, will do!