Morf - a program morphing plugin wrapper

The idea is to open a plugin and be able to morph between plugins stated (programs) without re-loading the program in the plugin (this causes clicks and freezes on some plugins). You can save 14 states. Two of those states can be faded to using a simple slider (good for testing purposes). The morph process can be triggered via MIDI notes. The morph time can be set in seconds (independent of the host processing) and in 16thnotes. This is a VST version only i’m sure other formats are possible.

To load a plugin just rename your Morf.dll or Morf.vst(mac) to MoRf_[PLUGIN_NAME].dll, where [PLUGIN_NAME] should be the name of the plugin that should be hosted. For example for Synth.dll on windows the file name would be MoRf_Synth1.dll
There is an option that causes Morf to be a effect plugin instead of MoRf_ use MoRf_FX_[PLUGIN_NAME] (but this has little effect on some hosts i’m afraid).

The manual is simple:

  • right click on the numbered slot to save the state of the plugin and the time and MIDI note for that slot (you can exclude what gets saved with the right click by clicking on the logo)\
  • left click on the numbered slot to re-call the state.
  • to manually initiate a timed morph process left click on the led below the slot button.
  • The “MUTE” button causes all morhping triggered from MIDI notes to stop.

Full source code and binaries for windows and mac at:

This is highly experimental and something that i did for a friend it’s untested and may cause your computer to blow up. Don’t blame me for that.

Have downloaded the code a while ago, but had no real chance to give it a test drive so far.
However, since no one else seems to comment, I at least like the idea of it, and if it works it's going to find it's way into my arsenal.

Thanks for this. what version of JUCE was this made with? Should it compile with the latest?