Mouse Buttons

Hi. I was wondering if there’s a deeper interface to the handling of mouse events for a component?

I am trying to track the mouse downs and ups for all three button simultaneously. For example, I want to click and hold down the right button and proceed to drag for a few seconds and then click the left button (while still holding down the right button). It seems that Juce only handle a single button at a time. :roll: Can I override the default raw mouse handling? My app is simple as it only has 1 component that fills the frame.

Nope, sorry, being able to handle multiple buttons would be very platform-dependent, and I’m not sure if all platforms make it possible.

Also, it sounds like a terrible idea to me! It’d be impossible for anyone with an Apple mouse or trackpad to use it. Or anyone using a graphics tablet. It’d also be awkward to do on any laptop trackpad, even with two buttons, because you’d need to press them both with your thumb!