mouseDown not firing?

I’ve got a component where I want to left-click, drag, then right-click (without releasing the left button). When I try this, it seems that the mouseDown event for the right-click is not firing.

Is this done by design? If so, what workarounds do I have available? If not, I’ll be looking forward to the bug fix. :twisted:

It’s not something I’ve ever tried, TBH. I’ll take a look next time I’m messing with that area of the code.

Hmm, in juce_ComponentPeer.cpp, there’s a handleMouseDown function. It counts the number of mouse buttons being pressed, and only does stuff if there are exactly one mouse buttons down. Changing that almost does what I want, but then the mouseUp only fires for the first of the two mouse ups.

Yeah, I think there might be some nasty implications if you start getting nested mouse-downs. Some components might think the mouse has been released when it hasn’t really, and go bang…