Mouse Down Logic


Yesterday i tried playing on a software synth with knobs that need a shift button for a “fine tune” mode. and realised that beings with two hands, can only use the mouse and the midi keyboard. the shift key remained lonely.

so, now im making a nice fader in juce, and i decided that i want teh fine feature to be triggered by the addition of the right click.

since my new fader is a component, it recives mouse messages.

the problem is actualy when i release the right mouse, and leave the left mouse on.
then MouseDown(), and MouseDrag() are not called anymore, and i get a MouseUp().

shouldnt MouseDown () and MouseDrag() be called if ANY of the buttons are pressed?

it also happens with the juce slider:
drag with left button, add right button, release right button and you have no control over the slider anymore.

is there a fast fix for this or a way around it?

best regards!

Had the same problem, check this thread: