Moving a VST3 window around in Live 10 Windows with a scale other than 1, resizes the window

Hi there,

We’ve stumbled upon an issue where the size of the VST3 window changes its size after moving it around in the DAW.

It happens on Windows Live 10 (lite and the latest suite beta version).
No HDPI (actual pixel scale).
VST2 works fine.
VST3 on Mac is fine too.

I’m using the setScaleFactor() function in my editor. When it’s > 1, moving the window will make it smaller. When the scale factor is < 1, moving it, will make it larger.

The editor size scales correctly but the window around it will decrease/increase unproportionally the longer you drag it.

I’ve found out that getWidth() and getHeight() return different sizes after scaling.
Shouldn’t the size stay the same after calling setScaleFactor?

I’ve also noticed that paint() is called continuously when the scale factor is not 1.

My workaround for now it to check in each paint() call if the size differs. If so, I call setSize() with the original size I want it to be. It’s glitchy but it’s the best I have for now.

@ed95, You’ve helped us (Audiaire) in the past. Let me know if this is clear to you.

Much appreciated,

Thanks for reporting. I’ve had a look at this today and it should be fixed in 3cbc4ec - can you give it a test and see if it’s fixed for you?

Thanks! Can you edit the link, it’s giving me a 404 :slight_smile:

Should be working now, the commit was just making its way through our CI.

Yes! It works perfectly. Tested the VST3 in the latest Live on windows and double checked on mac too.


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