Moving the plugin from one window to another


I’m working on something where I need to move the plugin editor of a VST from one top level Component to another one. Adding as new child component is enough, it works well. But at the very moment the plugin editor appears in the second window, there’s a short flicker. I thing that’s due to the fact that JUCE first closes the editor, then opens it again. However I’m not sure about this. Would it be possible to do this transition more smoothly? Basically changing the parent of the plugin window (via Win32 SetParent(HWND, HWND)) would be enough, or not? I’m not asking to modify JUCE especially for me, but I’d like to get a hint how I can solve this problem.


Solved the problem.


Hi zamrate

How did you do that? I have the same problem…


set the plugin to pos 0x10000, 0 … startTimer(100) then set plugin to correct pos in timerCallback. only works on windows and so far only with 1 plugin to be put in same component.


Thank you, that’s a clever idea.