Change Window/Frame on Plugin

Hello, I'm in the university lab project, and I have to do to create a GUI in Juce, to work with Ableton. 
However, I have some doubts. 

For example, after entering some data, the user will click the "continue" button, where you will be directed to another part of the plugin itself that he must enter some information, and because of that, there will be a change of window / frame in own plugin . 
How do I make this work? 

Put it another way, when you click a button text, how do I get him to another screen, which would be another GUI created in the same plugin?

Just display another component when the user clicks the button? For example, your main component(taking up the full dimensions of the plugin window) will display a button. When the user clicks on this button show another full-size component on top of the main one. When the user has carried out the task they needed to do you can just make that component invisible and show the original one again.

I understand your logic, now you could say a simple example, using code? (I'm still learning slowly ... forgive me)

There are lots of ways of doing this. This code does it one way, and depending on what you are trying to do it might not be the best way. I suggest you go through each part of the code with the Juce manual open beside you, and proceed to add your own comments. I be done with good deeds for the day. Back to the dark side with me...

I'm doing this by adding a new gui, but I saw that you did usually only in code, I can do it my way creating a new GUI component, or I can only do this by typing the code, as you did.