Traverse from one UI to different UI on button click

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I am start working on JUCE .

Please let me know is it possible to traverse from one UI to different UI on button click.

I think you'd need to explain what you mean by "traverse"

I think he means “GUI switching”, or “page switching”.

The JUCE was to do this would be to either replace the Content Component of the displayed window with a different one, or to
make the current one invisible and disabled and enable and make visible another one.

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Thanks for your quick responce.

I Have three GUI's GUI1,GUI2,GUI3, .  i want click on the button1 of GUI1 and display the GUI2 and when we click on buton2 of the GUI2 then display the GUI3.

*all buttons are Image button.

Please share the sample code .

PFA the GUI1

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You can use a TabbedComponent. You can make it right in the IntroJucer. Then you can make a look and feel that makes the buttons look the way you want, or use other buttons to switch the component's current tab.

Look at the tabbedcomponent in the Juce Demo for sample code.