Switching between windows

I have been reading bits and pieces about adopting an MVC style approach to UI in Juce.

A very brief example of this is given in a presentation at approx 27 mins into the video: Modern GUIs with Juce

I have used both MVP and MVC for presentation in .Net and enjoy the separation of view from non-UI related logic and would like to experiment with this when working in Juce.

It seems like the Component class could be set up to behave as a ‘view’ similarly to the way MainComponent is used in all the tutorials I have been following. A ‘Controller’ class could then be defined to accept a ‘view’ and listen/react to components from the view.

What I am struggling to understand is how to switch between views. I’m used to web apps where some action like a button click in a view would be sent to a controller, the controller would then redirect to another url and show another view - here I am a little lost.

From what I can gather the setContentOwned method of the ResizableWindow is what I would need to pass a view to. So what I have tried is…

  1. Create another Component just like the MainComponent but with a few small changes - lets call this OtherMainComponent just for example.
  2. Declare a DocumentWindow in MainComponent and OtherMainComponent like:
//in MainComponent
DocumentWindow window{"Other Window", Desktop::getInstance().getDefaultLookAndFeel()
		.findColour(ResizableWindow::backgroundColourId), DocumentWindow::allButtons };


// in OtherMainComponent
	DocumentWindow window{ "Main Window", Desktop::getInstance().getDefaultLookAndFeel()
		.findColour(ResizableWindow::backgroundColourId), DocumentWindow::allButtons };
  1. Inside a button click event in MainComponent I then call the setContentOwned like:
		window.setCentrePosition(600, 400);
		window.setResizable(false, false);
		window.setContentOwned(new OtherMainComponent(), true);

What happens when I run the project and click the button is that a new window opens with the correct UI, but now both MainComponent and OtherMainComponent are both displayed in their own window and when I close a window I get an exception because I have not overidden the DocumentWIndow::closeButtonPressed method.

I have a strong suspicion that I am going about this all wrong - but I can’t seem to find any tutorials about switching between windows.

Grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction :wink:

PS - I tried the following using ResizableWindow instead of DocumentWIndow at stage 3:

		ScopedPointer<ResizableWindow> window = new ResizableWindow("Other Window", true);
		window->setCentrePosition(600, 400);
		window->setResizable(false, false);
		window->setContentOwned(new OtherMainComponent(), true);

But then I see another window quickly flash and dissapear whilst the original window remains displayed.