The Main Window

Jucer 3 creates entirely new source code for the mainline code and main window, based on a DocumentWindow. The old approach was to have a main component.

I initially used the old Jucer to design a bit of a tabbed main window component with several relative child components. I’m having a bit of difficulty deciding the best way to merge that into the new Jucer 3 environment.

It looks to me like a DocumentWindow is more suitable for the main window than a component anyway, but I’m still a newbie on JUCE, and it’s not entirely clear how to add the UI components to a document window. The API docs for DocumentWindow say: [quote]It’s not advisable to add child components directly to a DocumentWindow: put them inside your content component instead.[/quote]
But there don’t seem to be any methods in DocumentWindow to associate one or more components.

Can someone offer a pointer to where to look next?

Sorry, why is it that the answer always comes to you just after you post the question? :?

DocumentWindow is derived from ResizableWindow which includes setContentComponent() and getContentComponent() methods. Duh.

I wasn’t looking at the class hierarchy here for reasons that escape me. Well at least the answer is here if someone else runs into the same brain fart.