MP3 decode/encode - as system API wrapper?

Hi JUCE devs!

I’ve just been looking at the JUCE MP3 decoder.

The code in juce_MP3AudioFormat.cpp is NOT guaranteed to be free from infringements of 3rd-party
intellectual property. If you wish to use it, please seek your own independent advice about the
legality of doing so. If you are not willing to accept full responsibility for the consequences
of using this code, then do not enable the JUCE_USE_MP3AUDIOFORMAT setting.

I was wondering if you’d considered modifying the JUCE MP3 layer, to instead be a wrapper around the MP3 decoder (and encoder…) that’ll almost certainly be available at the platform level on most platforms?

That would remove any license related issues; and offering of an MP3 encoder in this way would be tremendously useful from an app developer perspective…

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The SoundRadix repo actually made some of those:

I also remember we did some support for Windows APIs but don’t remember what exactly (this post not suggesting that but I remember we had such a thing):

System codecs can be tricky if you’re not targeting Apple and Microsoft.
Android - some devices can have different codecs/licenses.
Linux - each flavor is different.


@ttg Thank you for that!

I must say it is “odd” to see the above License disclaimer in the JUCE MP3 source code.
If it isn’t 100% “safe” to use, why is it included at all?!

Thanks again for the pointer!


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At least JUCE team suggests it 99% safe :slight_smile:

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It is the 1% that worries me!! :sob:

Best wishes Pete

We do have internally, i.e not inside the JUCE fork, a writer for .AAC files on Windows using Media Foundation. But it’s only the writer and only for AAC. Can share it if there’s interest.