Mp3 licencing avoidance

I would like to support mp3 de- and encoding in one of my applications.

As @martinrobinson-2 stated a few days ago, the licence for including an mp3 codec will cost at least US $15’000 per year.

So what about using system APIs on macOS and on Windows to de- and encode mp3s? Apple and Microsoft (or more precise the end user) have already payed royalties to be able to provide these APIs. This way, no codec will be part of my application and I assume it is a legal way to avoid the high licencing costs.

Is using the system APIs a proper way to avoid mp3 licencing?
Or is there a big flaw in my line of thought?

A few related statements I found in this forum:

@dave96 In Tracktion, does the user still have to download the lame.dll to get mp3 support? Or do you use system APIs nowadays? Or have you found another approach?

We use the CoreAudioFormat and WindowsMediaFormat for decoding but still use lame for encoding.