MP3 Playback with QuickTimeAudioFormat


I’m having trouble with Mp3 playback using QuickTimeAudioFormat… Lots of pops and clicks – basically unusable…

I stitched it into the JuceDemo’s AudioDemo component (by adding formatManager.registerFormat(new QuickTimeAudioFormat(), true); ), and confirmed that it, too, has the same pops and clicks.

I’m on OsX 10.6, using 1.5 (tho not from the tip…)
I’ve tried a few MP3s, but an example of one’s format is 270kbps VBR, 44.1, stereo, mpeg-1 layer 3.

Is QuickTimeAudioFormat still supported (I see it’s not in the doxy docs)?


Further… I should point out i’m in ‘Release’ and playback of .wav files works well.

It’s not designed for randomly accessing small blocks - if you’re playing from it you’d need to put it through a buffering audio source. (The same applies to any format, really)

Ahh, indeed…

I was actually buffering (since the AudioTransportSource does internally when you specify readahead samples), but just not using a big enough read ahead size.
I’m still getting the occasional pop (even when buffering the entire file), but I’ll dig in and try to sort it out.