Multi-threaded synthesizer

I’m currently developing a synth, and I’ve noticed that it is already using quite a bit of CPU. I’m still yet to start the GUI, which will involve some animated waveform displays that will only further add to the burden. I intend to use a separate thread for the GUI, but am wondering if anybody has had success with processing audio on multiple threads? I mean, a synth needs to have multiple voices to allow for polyphony, and I’m considering running them on separate threads, but wonder if that would be a bad idea.

Well if it’s a VST type synth don’t forget that other software will be running at the same time - so you’ll need to not use all the CPU available.

If it’s standalone … go for it!

I noticed that Urs Heckmann’s Diva has an option to turn on or off multi-threading…

Good point. Thanks


Great link! I really appreciate this!