Multibus layouts in the AudioProcessorGraph

Hello everyone,

At the moment I’m using the AudioProcessorGraph and so far everything is working great. However, now I have several channels which I need to stream into the output of the graph. For this, I’m currently writing a mixing processor, which will take in all the channels and adds them (with different volumes etc.). The most logical way to do this for me would be to give every channel (or actually 2 channels, because stereo) it’s own bus. When I started creating this, I realised that I can’t see a straightforward way to add connections in the AudioProcessorGraph to anything else than the main in- and outputs (so not to sidechains etc.). Is there a way to do this? Or do I need to wrap every multibus plugin/processor in a processor that “unrolls” all channels? Cause that seems pretty ugly to me.

Thanks for your responses in advance!

Hi @YetAnotherGuy,

The indexing in the AudioProcessorGraph runs over all channels of all buses, so it’s definitely possible. If you are on a mac, you can do the same thing that you want to do in JUCE’s audio plugin host sample code which uses an AudioProcessorGraph internally: simply create Apple’s AUMultiChannelMixer plug-in. You will see that it will appear with multiple buses and you can connect them all.

You can look at the source code of the audio plugin host if anything is unclear to you.