Multicore/Multiprocessor support


Sorry for the noob question :lol:

What are the guidelines I need to follow in order to allow multiple instances of my Juce VST to run properly with Multicore/Multiprocessor support turned “On” in Ableton Live? As it is now, I can enable Multicore/Multiprocessor support in Ableton and run just (1) instance of my plugin successfully. But if I try to run several instances simultaneously, all hell breaks loose. What am I doing wrong? When I turn Multicore/Multiprocessor support “Off” in Ableton, I can run many instances of the plugin simultaneously without any problem.

I’m testing this under OSX 10.4.11, BTW. My machine is a MBP 2.0 GHz.

Issue with Multicore/Multiprocessor

Chillins, I thinks i done figured her out on my own :lol: Yeeeee-hawrrrr, baby!

Seems the inimitable Omnipotent Jucey Jeenyus already made it so that multicore/multiprocessah would work without a hitch if you only have the decency to refrain from declaring “static” data which can be repeatedly written to by your code (e.g. scratch buffer, temp arrays, etc…) If all your “static”-declared data is primarily of the read-only varieté, then there won’t be any conflict… you get the picture.

Yowsah!!! This here Juce is the best I ever tasted!! Better than my daddy’s moonshine down on the Bayou… :wink:


Sounds like you’re on the moonshine yourself there!

Yep, statics are bad news in general, and really bad news in a plugin! You’re fine if they’re constants, but if in doubt, avoid the blighters!