MultiDocumentPanel questions


would be possible to have some more callbacks (or getter and setter functions) to modify the look and behaviour of the internal tabbed component (i need to use different type of tabbed buttons at bottom instead of top).

would be cool… thanx !


ok, what kind of calls do you have in mind?


here we go (i’m still playing around with it).

first would be cool to have:

    virtual MDITabbedComponent* createNewTabbedComponent();

same as we have

    virtual MultiDocumentPanelWindow* createNewDocumentWindow();

also, attaching this to the MultiPanelComponent that gets triggered by the default MDITabbedComponent

    virtual void popupMenuClickOnTab (const int tabIndex, const String &tabName);
.... (in MDITabbedWhatever)
    void popupMenuClickOnTab (const int tabIndex, const String &tabName)
        // (unable to use the syntax findParentComponentOfClass <MultiDocumentPanel> () because of a VC6 compiler bug)
        MultiDocumentPanel* const owner = findParentComponentOfClass ((MultiDocumentPanel*) 0);

        if (owner != 0)
            owner->popupMenuClickOnTab (tabIndex, tabName);

this for starter.

then i notice that if you don’t give a size to your component before adding it, and you have selected the MaximisedWindowsWithTabs layout, as soon as you switch layout, the component window will take up all the space of the MultiDocumentPanel, thus making the window have the right buttons and the border covered under the edge: would be better to make it all contained and centered in the multi panel document.


ok, ta. Will look at that when I get chance.


thanx man, for now i’m just pulling the trigger on my own MultiDocumentComponent which is copied and pasted from your original one with these small additions, so can be very very low on the todo list. when you’ll walk again around those files…

What about adding a ColourIDs in the look and feel for the background colour, and also let the user select to have a Viewport with scrollbars when he switch to
FloatingWindows layout… just doing some brainstorming !