MultiOutSynth Demo: no audio (host = Reaper) Also other attempts at using Synthesizer class same problem

Is anyone else having trouble with Synthesizer class in Reaper? I have a VST plugin sampler working that simply loads a Sample Buffer from an audio reader and then responds to Note On during the Processor audio block. But then I decided I wanted to try out the Synthesizer classes, and can’t get them to work. I tried using the MultiOutSynth demo as-is and I get no response to the midi input in Reaper. As far as I can tell, it loads the sample and initializes correctly. I also tried with the sine synth class from another demo project and had the same result. Is there something else that needs to be done or should I be able to use that demo as-is without modification?

@daniel I’m not sure if you’re the right person to report this to, but you are the only “admin” I have been in contact with.

I discovered the source of my woes (see above) was a setting in the MultiOutSynthTutorial.jucer file that was included with the tutorial zip package. It had not been configured to accept MIDI input, which seems odd for a tutorial on the Synthesizer class. Once I checked the box for MIDI input and then re-exported my project to VS2017, everything magically worked itself out.

Great, thanks for reporting back. Yes, I still have the admin status on the board, but I am no longer staff at Roli. However, feel free to address me, whenever you see fit, I am still quite interested in JUCE and it’s developments, even though now again from the outside.

The change for the jucer file of the tutorial download is something, that @ed95 would be the best person to speak to. But usually they all (Ed, Tom and Jules) read all posts if possible and react or chime in if needed.

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Thanks, Daniel, for the clarification. I’ll address future inquiries/reports of this nature to Ed.

I’ll take a look, thanks for letting us know.

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