Multiple connections with NamedPipe


Is it possible to have multiple connections at once with NamedPipe? The documentation seems to suggest it:
“Two or more processes can use these for inter-process communication.”

But it definitely doesn’t work that way when I try it.


I think all I meant was that multiple processes can use multiple NamedPipes to communicate. Each pipe is just point-to-point so if you’re trying to do some kind of multicast, you’d need to use a pipe for each link.


Ok, thanks.


A small follow up to this thread: I’ve just tried the JUCE demo app’s interprocess communication demo in OSX and here it’s possible to connect more than one pipe to an existing pipe. But the results randomly appear at either of the clients.

It may be a good idea to have this behave the same way across platforms.


ah, ok, I’ll look into that, thanks.