Multiple SetAudioCallbacks

Hello Everybody.
I made a little audio app which has a filetree component that lets the user browse the computer files and drag them into a draganddroptarget component. This browser gives the possibility to play audio files (.wav and .aif) if selected in the tree, and this is done with a setaudiocallback to the main audiodevicemanager.
It works.
When an audio file is dropped into the draganddroptarget component a little sampler component is created, and this sampler makes a new setaudiocallback to the main audiodevicemanager.
Now, I can play my audio file with a keyboard, but if I go back to the browser and try to listen to another file, nothing happens.
I think that the sampler “stealed” the callback to the audiodevicemanager and the browser has no more connections with it.
So my question is: is it possible to make multiple audiocallbacks to the audiodevicemanager?

No, that’s not possible - that class is really just a top-level manager for the device, and if you need to have multiple streams you’d have to either switch them around as needed, or use a mixer source that lets you attach multiple simultaneous streams.

So fast!
Thank you Jules, you’re great!
I’ll mix the streams…

I’m having a little trouble with mixing up audio callbacks too (probably because i’m doing it wrong). I have a tabbed component with 2 tabs so far and i’ve loaded a class into each tab. Each class has its own AudioDeviceManager and IOCallback but one of them seems to be having problems during runtime. Should I only have one manager in the main component and have that deal with both of them?

Yes man!
You need only one audiodevicemanager. Put it on the toplevel of your app, then create a mixeraudiosource and add callbacks from your tabs to it.
This worked for me.

I’m actually having problems with the MixerAudioSource. Whenever I add more than one input source the synth playback sounds horrible. Do I need to do more than just addInputSource() to the mixer?

It’ll work as long as your input sources are both working correctly, and aren’t messing each other up!