Multiprocessor and Graph?

A question, as I’m using Graph to attach 16 instances of a VST inside another VST. How one would make it use more than one processor? Not sure if that’s possible, or if there’s another solution? Its not a real big deal, but it would sure be handy when working with large patches that uses near 100% of a single CPU. :shock:


I’ve not attempted to do that with the graphs classes yet - and it’s quite a serious task to implement. The graph class is a good base for this, because of the way it compiles a list of the operations it should perform for each processing block - it’d “just” need to be extended to compile multiple operation lists to run on multiple threads. But it’s certainly not trivial to do!

Got it, thanks bud, I will leave this for a future thing. :wink:


I don’t know if this will be of any help, but take a look at this: - He’s recently added multiprocessor support to his free (and rather excellent) VSTHost application, and goes into some details (p.22 of the PDF manual). There might be something something of use there