MultiTimer ran into asserts

Hello, I hit asserts in juce_Timer at 190 and 231 while using MultiTimer and the code said to let you know.

Here is my callback

    void timerCallback(int timerID) override
        DBG("Current time: " + String(Time::currentTimeMillis()));
        startTimer(1000 - (Time::currentTimeMillis() % 1000));

Works fine if I switch to Timer instead. Found a couple threads where Jules mentioned that MultiTimer is a big hack anyway so maybe I will stay away from it (has this changed?).


Surely that code wouldn't compile, as MultiTimer::startTimer takes two arguments?

Sorry, line should have read

startTimer(0, 1000 - (Time::currentTimeMillis() % 1000));

Well, to trigger those asserts you probably used a dangling pointer or some other kind of silliness. If you can provide a code snippet that reproduces the problem, let me know and I'll investigate..