You wrote that so i'm doing it (fixed)

juce_Timer.cpp (line 128)

[code]#ifdef JUCE_DEBUG

    Timer* tt = firstTimer;
    bool found = false;

    while (tt != 0)
        if (tt == t)
            found = true;

        tt = tt->next;

    // trying to remove a timer that's not here - shouldn't get to this point,
    // so if you get this assertion, let me know!
    jassert (found);


i’m reaching that assertion from time to time. don’t know what could have caused as i got a couple of timers running around. anyway i would only get you know that i’ve reached the nirvana :slight_smile:

Hmm - well you win the prize then. I’ve never seen it happen myself - could it be a dangling pointer or something? Can you learn anything about the objects involved when it happens?

:smiley: you sure… i want a medal like muttley in stop the pigeon

the only 2 times i’ve had it… there were no informations around in the gdb’s backtrace.
anyway i’ve discovered that jack audio connection kit was calling my functions twice after i’ve deactivated the jack client… (and thus activating an unwanted timer) !

ps. don’t mess too much with jack audio unless you know what are you doing (i was a bit drunk and lose the point ehehe) !