My plugin is not visible on garageband, but works on JUCEPluginHost

i don’t understand the problem: i have a AU plugin that works well with JUCE_Plugin_Host, but it is not proposed in GarageBand, whereas other similar (simpler) plugins works well with GarageBand. Do you have an idea how i can solve this problem please?

GarageBand requires plugins to use sandboxing. You’ll find an option in the Projucer to enable it and see if this solves your problem.

Thanks for the advice, i put this option enabled, but this does not solve the issue.

You may need to enable hardened runtime and sign. I really abhor working with macOS because of the mess it is dealing with Audio Units. They offer no useful error messaging at all.

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I am new with Xcode. I see the option “automatically manage signing”, but not “hardened runtime”. Where is it?
Something strange also for me is that the “Gain Plugin” example from Juce tutorial appears in GarageBand and works well without these options. May be there is another problem?

I never actually touch the Xcode user interface. Instead, I just enable hardened runtime and sandbox safe inside Projucer and do the signing via command-line. This way, everything works on continuous integration (e.g. GitHub actions).

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