Native File saving dialog problem on iOS 10.3

I’ finishing a personnal app that will run on android/mac/pc and ios.

For iOS/Android I use the Native File saving dialog… It works fine on my personnal ipad (on ios 12 & no on ios 13).
But on an older ipad with ios 10.3 the app crash when I want to open the native dialog (Same thing with Juce demorunner).

In the console app I see that my app needs an icloud entitlement for that which I can’t have since I only have the “free developper account”.

On ios 12/13 there is no problem even without icloud entitlement (and I can save from my app in an icloud folder) (demorunner native dialog works fine too).

Is there an easy trick for writing a file on older ios devices (I just need to write a new texte file either on icloud or on the device as far as I can transfert it or send it by email later).

Thanks in advance for any tips…