Native Save As Dialog Issue on Windows

I’ve recently noticed an issue with the FileChooser on Windows. I’m trying to add a “save as” dialog which saves a folder with files inside, but if I use the flags “saveMode | canSelectDirectories,” no dialog appears and it returns with an empty file.

If I use just “saveMode,” the default name in the name field of the dialog shows up as “” when it should just be “name”.

If I add “canSelectFiles,” it replaces the native dialog with an internal JUCE one which works as expected but I was hoping to be able to use a native window.

No such issues on Mac.

Is this a bug?

Example code for reference:

fileChooser = std::make_unique<FileChooser>("Export As", defDir);

auto folderChooserFlags =   FileBrowserComponent::saveMode |

    chooser->launchAsync(folderChooserFlags, [this] (const FileChooser& chooser)
        auto outFile = chooser.getResult();
        auto newDefDir = outFile.getParentDirectory().getFullPathName();

I would try openMode if you want to select a directory.

I have the same problem as SHarbor.
OpenMode does not really do the trick. Because I want users to be able to enter/create new directory names. Which they can’t with OpenMode.

What I find weird:
If on Windows you create a native file browser with the flags:
FileBrowserComponent::saveMode | FileBrowserComponent::canSelectDirectories;
Then nothing happens. The file browser simply never shows up. If this combination is not allowed, I would expect a fallback to the JUCE internal file browser or a jassert. But that’s not the case. Which makes me think its a JUCE bug and not a Windows problem.