Nativescript + JUCE

Does anybody try to use JUCE with nativescript for iOS development? If anybody tried it, please share with us the experience.

I’ve never heard of or used NativeScript, taking a quick look at the website however it seems it would be an alternative to JUCE, no?

I remember this one: Tutorial and example code for React Native and JUCE and I wonder is the same possible for Nativescript.

I would say it is most definitely not an alternative to JUCE - similar to React Native its a javascript framework for interfacing with native mobile API’s. I’ve not used NativeScript but I’ve been using React Native for well over a year now. A quick look at the NativeScript docs and it feels a bit too much like web development to me… plus I am not a fan of Angular. But I’m probably biased!

Ah OK thanks for correcting me - clearly my naivety and lack of knowledge regarding such tools.