React Native and Spectral analysis at the next Audio developer meetup London

Our second London Audio Developer Meetup will be held on 10th May at Code Node, London.

We’ll hear from Tom Duncalf, lead mobile application engineer at ROLI, who has been using React Native and JUCE to build music mobile applications.

We’ll also hear from Thomas Arvanitidis, audio researcher at the innovation centre of MUSIC Tribe, who works with Spectral analysis as an alternative to Fourier transform.

To register and know more, head here.

The following meet up will be on 11th June.



any chance of getting these talks recorded?


I would love to know more about how React Native and JUCE can be used together, especially from someone working directly for ROLI (even if it isn’t an ‘official’ project). I know there is some prior art, so its awesome to see that the idea has legs. is what you’re looking for.

Yes the talks are recorded and made available the next day on the Skills Matter website:

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I appear to be immune to your Jedi powers.

React Native is a Javascript app development framework that provides access to native GUI components from the operating system you’re running on, whereas ReaX is a convenient way of incorporating the event handling ReactiveX library into a JUCE app.


@t0m I was replying to @Z_Nick lol just reporting a version of React that interfaced with JUCE (I’m also not martin Finke, the author of ReaX)

I guarantee all of you guys are waaaay more wizardly and zen-like with your C++ than me!!

There is an ‘official’ project - ROLI Play uses React Native.

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I was just pointing out that React Native and ReaX are completely different things!

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lol my bad. it said React and JUCE, so i thought of martin’s ReaX project. ignore me.