Need help with crash

When my VST-hosting plugin scans IZotope Ozone Demo on OS X, it crashes, just before the Authorization/Demo screen is shown or sometimes, but very seldomly, the Authorization/Demo window appears, but the Authorize button’s y pos is 20 pixels less than it should be. Then when I press Continue, it crashes.

I’m using a modified PluginListComponent that does not use a modal dialog when scanning, because the modal window would hang/crash when the user would close the plugin window during the scanning itself.

When I’m using the original PluginListComponent, no crash occurs - so it has something to do with the fact that the original scanning window is modal and mine is not.

Some sort of recursive callback via the idle message? There are all sorts of complicated ways that can mess things up.

well, i’m using an extra thread for the scanning, not like the original scan code. maybe it has something to do with that?

Some stuff like iLok auth screen needs to be run in the UI thread.

Then maybe that’s what’s causing the problem, after all. I will try to use callFunctionOnMessageThread() then…

Thanks for the tip otristan! It was indeed the problem.