Need help with getting to waves plugins inside shell (spotify pedalboard)


There is such thing as - python library (more like wrapper) to work with plugins. It’s based on juce technologies.

This library has a method to load vst3 plugins, and problem is - it can’t unwrap waves-shell.vst3 pack and get solo plugin. How can I dig into waves shell and point to specific plugin inside it?

I appreciate any help - I mean if you just can tell the juce method/class/function name which I can start from - it will be helpful!

I’m not familiar with Pedalboard, but my guess is that the problem is here:

The AudioPluginHost app (part of the JUCE repo) also uses the KnownPluginList to scan plugins. When I scan the WaveShell.vst3 in the AudioPluginHost, the typesFound array contains multiple entries after the call to KnownPluginList::scanAndAddFile. It looks like Pedalboard is just taking the first entry from this list and loading it. If you wanted to load a different plugin, you’d need to modify the line I linked to load a different entry from the typesFound array.

Thanks! But I tried to get deeper in this code and it seems like this file is never used. I just delete it and everything keeps working. So, I’ll be waiting for upgrades by developer.

Did you definitely rebuild the project after deleting the file? C++ code needs to be recompiled after making changes. Unlike Python, C++ is not an interpreted language.

It looks like the for the repo will glob all of the .cpp files in the pedalboard directory and compile them. The python_bindings.cpp includes the ExternalPlugin.h file. You probably need to uninstall pedalboard and re-run the setup after making changes to the project.