Need help with LUFS ebur128 library, signals shorter than 0.5 are -inf loudness

I started an issue:

This has to do with ebur128_loudness_global() function.

Example usage

for (int i = 0; i < audio.getNumFrames(); ++i)

ebur128_state* state[1];
double result;
int err = 0;
state[0] = ebur128_init(1, audio.getSampleRate(), mode::EBUR128_MODE_I);

jassert(state[0] != nullptr);

err += ebur128_set_channel(state[0], 0, channel::EBUR128_LEFT);
err += ebur128_add_frames_double(state[0],, signal.size());
err += ebur128_loudness_global(state[0], &result);

jassert(err == error::EBUR128_SUCCESS);
jassert(result != -HUGE_VAL);


Does anyone know a quick fix? Waiting for a response, but our project needs this to move forward. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Would calculating the momentary loudness for short sounds help? Should be 400ms IIRC