Does Juce have any loudness related functions or classes?

I have recently started using Juce.
Does Juce provide any functions or classes to get the loudness (LUFS) long term, short term, momentary, and loudness range of a wav file?
If not, is there a way to do this?

This is something you would have to implement yourself, using the LUFS specification as a guideline. (Or look on GitHub for existing open source implementations).

Thanks for the reply.
I knew it…

I asked the question because I couldn’t find any documentation that seemed to indicate that.

I’m sure the demand for this issue is high, so I’m quietly hoping that it will be provided in a future update.
I will try to write the code by myself this time.

Thank you.

Have a look at libebur128, it’s free and has a permissive license

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