New member's questions (hermitsoft)

Hello JUCE world!

I’m new to JUCE, but I would say, reading the description, this seems to be the most comprehensive library that I’ve ever used:) I admire how this was achieved.
(Especially the audio functions, VST templates, considering I’m a musician too… they will be useful I’m sure.)

I have 1 general question to start with:

  1. Is there any IDE (be it third party or not) what is designed for JUCE or including JUCE built-in with syntax highlighting? Or JUCE DevPak for DevCpp, or any pack for CodeBlocks/Eclipse?

And a special question:
2. Is it possible to make high-resolution spectrum analysis for 20ms audio-chunks with the given functions?

Many thanks in advance for your replies…

Glad you like it!

There will be when I’ve finished writing it!

You’ll need to supply your own FFT function, but of course all the audio capture functionality is there.

Yeah, thank you for the fast reply and the advice for the spectrum analyzer.

Looking at the library, I suppose the IDE will be just as perfect as the library’s structure.
It’s even a pure fun just to browse the class hierarchy, which is pretty well structured IMO.
I feel I arrived to a milestone in the research for a good toolkit library :slight_smile:


Thanks very much!