New parameter handling classes?

Have been looking up value trees and parameter handling,  and there have been various suggestions by Jules over the last two years or so that a new bunch of parameter handling classes are in the works.  
I'm assuming these are still on the todo list?  

Am needing this functionality, and was going to code it myself, but will wait a bit if a new Juce update is imminent.  

How close does this look, Jules?  


We released it with V4!

Have a look in juce_audio_processors/utilities


Is there a list over all new features and classes, which were added in version 4?

The repo contains a file ChangeList.txt

looks great! 

is there a demo or tutorial on how to use these?  Probably won't take too long to figure out i guess, but maybe there's something out there to use as a template?

Have you looked at the updated audio plugin demo? I noticed that there are a good bit of changes in regards to parameters.  

will check that out :D