New hashing algorithm: GoldenSHA


Hello folks

Just a heads-up that we’ve pushed a branch “GoldenSHA” to test a new hash algorithm that we’ve been developing.

Given the recent public failure of SHA1, we were approached by some well-known institutions (who have asked not to be named) who wanted to work with us on creating a better replacement. We’ll wait to hear feedback from any crypto experts before we merge it into develop…


It’s gonna be HUUUUUGE in ChYYYYYna

EDIT… I forgot… Is GoldenSha good for streaming?



Congrats to the whole ROLI team! This is HUGE.

Edit: just tried it on a collection of images we use for training self driving bots and had no collisions.

I wonder if the hash itself can used for classifying / segmentation of data?


Yes indeed - I’d encourage all our users to test it on data-sets that they might have lying around, e.g. old email archives, customer databases, internet browsing history etc. We’d be very interested to find out how it performs. (No need to actually send us any results BTW, just use the class)


Very interesting!

I toyed with this all day yesterday and I can confirm, on a large set of traffic images, other SHA hashes usually give very random results. GoldenSHA seems be able to cluster and classify images around a curve in AP1-space. Intriguing!

I’m not an expert in crypto, but definitely cross post this to hackernews and


Sick! And can it be applied to any audio/video stream? To provide a-sort-of Golden April Shower to make it totally indecipherable by anyone?


This SHA is what separates the winners from the losers.