New iOS options in Introjucer

Hi all,

We just added a few additional build options for Introjucer's iOS exporter that some of you might find useful.

  • You can now specify what screen orientations you want to support (same as was already possible before for the Android Studio exporter).
  • Sometimes, specifying a small and a large icon image for an iOS app is not enough. Xcode lets you use an "asset calalog" (Images.xcassets folder) where you can tweak icons and launch images for all possible sizes that are relevant on the various iOS devices. In the Introjucer, you can now specify a "custom xcassets folder" path and then it will create an Xcode project that uses your custom iOS assets catalogue (obviously you'd have to create that assets catalogue first).
  • You can now specify a list of "custom resource folders" for iOS which the Introjucer then integrates into the Xcode project for you. This is cool because now, instead of adding "binary resources" you can just add a reference to a whole folder, which will be hierarchically browseable in Xcode, plus you don't have to re-Introjuce your project anymore every time the content of that folder changes.
  • You can now enable some of Xcode's "App Capabilities" settings directly in the Introjucer, in particular those relevant for other JUCE features (background audio, background Bluetooth).
  • You can specify the ID of the certificate to use for code signing.

Hopefully some of you will find this useful. The goal is that you don't have to tweak your Xcode project anymore after you re-saved it from Introjucer, and the features focus on some such tweaks that people were doing frequently.

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Nice one, timur!