New Juce-based application

Another addition to the list:

Enjoy! :wink:


looks cool!


Nice job! Nice look-and-feel, too!

Very clean UI!
Nice Job.

Hi Robiwan, did you use JUCE’s font rendering, because the fonts you used look extremely good-looking and I’m just not getting the same results in my app ?

You’re quite correct. The PME uses AGG V2.4 ( for font rendering. And I think the main reason it looks better is that AGG always renders with 256 alpha levels, whereas JUCE paths (and thus fonts) are rendered with 4 alpha levels (EdgeTable::Oversampling_4times). Since AGG can be a bit of a pain to use, the AGG2D wrapper nicely abstracts away the gory parts (Domain parking page)

Edit: According to jules (in the other thread), fonts rendered with paths should yield better results.

… and AGG uses FreeType as it seems. So did you change JUCE so it uses FreeType/AGG or do you just render your text “over the top” via new functions that interface to AGG?

To change JUCE we felt was too time consuming so we went for the latter option.