My take on JUCE's text rendering

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I’ve been seeing alot of threads recently about text rendering and just wanted to weigh in on the issue. I’m a researcher at RHUL, whilst I absolutely love some of the classes JUCE provides, the text rendering has caused me alot of problems and was the deciding factor in my group to stop using JUCE on projects. There are rough edges, pixels sticking out like sore thumbs and blurry edges. I did not even use small fonts, I just used what was required of my programs but unfortunately they don’t look up to scratch. Whilst other posters may have been excessive in their remarks, the core problem remains and I plead with the developers to do something about it. It may seem small and insignificant, but it puts a dampener on an otherwise great library. Thanks.

Did you try my FreeType solution?

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If I’m making a mistake, please excuse me, but:

  1. Text rendering in Juce is done right (mathematically). Over platform use tricks which are gives errors (see recent Vinn’s post)
  2. Juce doesn’t use Gamma mapping for path rendering, which make the luminance consistent on output, but gives the “hey, texts on Windows are sharper” effect, which in fact, if you use a magnifying glass, is more like “texts on Windows is more brighter”.
  3. Juce allows you to use native system’s text rendering, making it no different than any other library
  4. Juce is using horizontal scaling for text to fit more text in a cluttered place, but you can disable it if you want
  5. Any patch is welcome if you improve something that worth it.