Still think juce text rendering is fuzzy

I have Learning juce of a year,
in this year, I have been constantly persuading myself that juce text rendering is very good.
but I can’t continue to endure… I mean, I like most functions of juce , but each GUI elements rendered by juce
I get fuzzy…especially the text ! Am I the only one feel fuzzy of text?


Above the red line is juce demo, below is the Windows text editor.
its just looks like juce added a blur filter for each text…
Sometimes blur filter is good, such as the small font with big size.
but what about small size of the text?



see that?

In fact, I feel all the UI elements drawing by juce have a little fuzzy.
I set a different Graphics: : ResamplingQuality ,But there is no any change.

I searched document,I tracking the code, I saw the demos .but I still can’t find a solution to make it better.
,no offense. jules,I know maybe you think that the text rendering of juce is very good. I have no objection. But can you tell
me how to make text rendering looks like kontakt or Windows text editor ?
Can juce drawing text more clearly just like other GUI frameworks do ? like Qt,cocoa,wxwidgets,vst GUI…
I think it’s not a very difficult thing …I think its nothing about coding, Its just maybe a value of I don’t know maybe juce::SetFuzzy(const float) is too large???

I really need clear text rendering …so … Thank you …

No, you are really not.

Last year I had to do a brief search for a sequencer program. Some of the possible candidates that I found on the web were obviously based on JUCE.

Now, what do you do, when you evaluate a program? You browse the GUI, you browse the menu entries, you try to get much information in a short time from what you see on the screen.
This is a totally different perspective from that of a programmer, who never has to pull information out of his GUI, because he is the one, who created the thing.
He never is really forced to understand and recognize what he reads on the screen, instead it is sufficient for him to be “re-cognize” things, that he knows anyway.

What I clearly noticed (having passed the 50th and wearing glasses) was this: the JUCE-based programs were definitely harder to check out and evaluate. They made me feel, that getting information is not possible “on the fly” but rather needs concentrated looking. Just the small amount of additional concentration which does not feel significant at the first moment, but which made me feel annoyed and tiresome after a while.
At the bottom line I experienced, that the optical appearance of JUCE is a definite shortcoming, which is not a matter of taste but a which is a gradual complication for program use.