New OpenGL-related errors

I just grabbed the latest tip on MacOS and I'm seeing some OpenGL-related errors. Compiling on OS 10.9.4 with XCode 5.1.1. To reproduce:

  • clean and build the JuceDemo
  • run it
  • click the OpenGL 2D demo
  • quit the demo

I consistently get the error shown in Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 1.23.50 PM.png: an assertion failure in ~MessageManagerLock().

I'm also seeing crashing on releasing OpenGL textures. Just clicking on some of the other demos including the OpenGL 2D demo, then on the Box2D demo, I got the crash shown in Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 1.34.32 PM.png. Unfortunately I can't reproduce this consistently. 


couple of data points:

rewinding to commit a46b96e585f172709e8cd1eb762bdd6b94fe98b5 (Jul 2) fixed the assertion failure.

commit 4af1478dfbc2cdfc962d8496a72a5963572bc24b (Aug 8) still has the assertion failure problem. 


Hmm, not sure why that only just started causing an error, I don't remember changing anything relevant lately.

It's nothing serious, it was just because the demo app tried to remove the GL component from its parent without detaching the context. I've modified it now to make sure it cleans up in the right order.

Thanks for the quick attention.  I'm more worried about the crash in ~CachedImage shown in the second screenshot. Unfortunately this wasn't as consistently reproducible.