New to Juce - looking to hire help for initial idea


I’m brand new to Juce. I have 3 years experience writing code in several object-oriented languages, but not C++. I have reviewed some audio plugin C++ boilerplate code and it doesn’t seem too terribly far off from the other languages I’ve worked in.

I’m looking to pay someone to build a very simple guitar amp simulator, including the default Juce GUI. Once built, I would ask the person to walk me through the code as part of a typical code review process. Once I have the foundation in place, I will take it from there and move forward to start working toward the ultimate end-goal. The controls for this would be Gain, Overdrive, Treble, Mid, and Bass. And it doesn’t even need to sound good - just needs to react to those parameters being changed. :). Although if you have experience with amp sims and make something that sounds decent, that’s a bonus!

This is my very first post on the forum, so please forgive me if I’ve posted this outside of the typical best practices for these kinds of posts.

I can be reached at Gmail - klapskruger is the part that comes before the at sign :wink: