New to JUCE, question about SVG

Hey, love the toolkit, Really Really nice. As a win32 guy looking to port his first app to Mac and possibly Linux, I’m seriously considering JUCE and as such I’m ramping on SVG as it relates to my app’s UI (icons,basic graphics,etc). What tools exist on Windows that would allow me to convert say AI or EPS or possibly even Flash vector graphics into SVG? I don’t see any of the UI designers out there offering their deliverables in SVG format and so I’m guessing I’d have to convert to SVG if I want to use vectors in my UI.

Currently, I have an icon set for my app that I had created that, for its vector format, includes Flash sources or .Fla files. I’m very comfortable in Flash but I’m not sure I can get from a Flash vector source file to SVG. Hopefully, I’m not stuck here and have to get the artist to generate AI for me to then convert to SVG.

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to tie all the loose ends that I can see are departures from the normal way of developing my apps. But, I’m excited about the idea of running on Mac and Linux so I’m anxious to hear how others solve this.


I thought that AI could export SVG? (SVG is an adobe invention, after all).

yeah, AI can but is that what most people use to convert their graphics for use with JUCE? it’s a tad pricey…

Yes, it’s a bit much just to use as a converter. Not sure what else would do it - there are usually lists of svg editors and utilities on websites about svg.

Inkscape is by far the most popular free/open_source vector editor, and being a vector editor I’d be suprised if it did not save as svg.

wow! inkscape is VERY nice, very nice software. thanks a LOT for the tip. with that tool i can do pretty much everything i need to do in terms of editing/converting/exporting/etc. thanks a ton!

off topic but is there a place where people post classes/components/etc that they’ve created in juce for other’s to use? i’m guessing there’s a rich set of utility classes that people have written over time in juce and are willing to share with the community. for instance, i read some threads on here about diff techniques people used to make cells editable within the basic table/grid component(class). i’m wondering if there’s some of those classes floating around. a grid is something i need right off the bat…

thanks overmind

I think that was my table/grid you were referring to. :slight_smile:
Since then I think Jules has added one native to Juce though. If you want I can give you my code but it is not terribly complete (well enough to function though, resizing, editable cells, cells can display text or they can have a full component, etc…) as it is functional enough for the purpose it was designed for.

I think Valley’s site is probably the only place I can recall.

And yea, Inkscape is nice, although I’ve only messed with it for a few minutes. :slight_smile: