New to JUCE Question

I have been programming Lua in Reaper and are just looking at JUCE for the possibility to create a VST that will read a txt file that references audio file sections to be played back in sync to the host DAW, so it will play back one sample section anywhere within a source file then another sample section within another source file in a linear way stitching them together much like a playlist. Each section can be pitch shifted or playback rate changed to match host from original file tempo, maybe do that with RubberBand ?
The source files could be wma or wav.
Or are there users that you can hire or donate to, to do something like this ?
What would be the best way to go around this ? It’s not something I’m going to sell.

Here is a simpler example in the pic below.
The DAW is playing the source sections, I can also get Sforzando to play them by midi notes (see sfz code). I need the VST to play these sample sections at the ppqpos same as the DAW. The text file has all the source section start/end info, destination ppq, source bpm, pitch change for each track section. So rather than Reaper reading the txt and playing back the sections, the VST will, this way I can play those track section in any DAW using the VST.
Here is a bit on RubberBand: